Getting Started


After downloading the latest version of Aqueduct from

  1. Open Blender

  2. Open the Blender Preferences via Edit > Preferences or F4 > Preferences

  3. Click on Add-ons on the left and choose Install… (as shown in the image below)

  4. Navigate through your filesystem and select


Where to find it

After activating the Aqueduct addon you can open it’s Pie Menu by pressing Hotkey: Ctrl + Shift + A. The Pie menu contains multiple tools to improve your workflow. Some Object placement and Material distribution tools and operators to save Materials, Objects and Collections to their own files. A detailed explanation of all the operators can be found on the The Aqueduct Pie Menu page.


When you drag and drop a blend file onto the Blender window after activating Aqueduct you will notice that the context menu that appears is now different and features additional options.


Updating the addon

Updating the addon can be done one of two ways:

Installing over the previous version

Going through the Installation process again and selecting the newer version zipfile.

If you are doing it this way you still need to disable and reenable the addon by unchecking and checking it in the Preferences to make sure the updated version is loaded.

Removing & installing

Removing the addon with the Remove button in it’s Preferences section and then installing the newer version zipfile as described in Installation